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BioElevate is a 2 day hands-on workshop will guide you through the commercialisation process step-by-step enabling you to walk away with a clear commercial strategy.

Please submit an expression of interest if you would like to join our next cohort.


Masterclass: Running lab operations and maximising the value of the data you create

Running your own lab involves gathering a diverse range of data, some of which may not have immediate relevance to your current research and development goals.

Learn the best practices in setting up a lab that is proof for the future, including what you need to think about today to ensure effective data collection.


What It Takes To Get Big In Medtech - A Conversation With Cochlear

We have partnered with the Victorian Medtech Skills and Devices Hub (VMH) to host an exciting fireside chat. Join us as we explore how Cochlear made it big, and walk away with insights and tips to fuel your own journey.